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Guided Tours

To offer you a wonderful experience in Kihnu, I'm giving different guided tours, from biking on the tiny Kihnu roads to visiting important figures of the island.

In case you are interested in catering, it should be known in advance. It is also possible to ask for accommodation in two different places. If you need transportation from harbour to accommodation or you wish to have a traditional meal, please contact me to arrange details and price.

In any case, please use the contact form on the homepage to express your request and I will answer as soon as possible. You can also write me an email directly or give me a call.


Discovering a traditional farm life in Kihnu: domestic animals, store house and chests with handicraft collections, different type of skirts, sauna house and motorcycle collection, traditional architecture. It is possible to take photos in traditional costumes. It is possible as well to see how to weave a skirt.

75€ + VAT

Home Visit


We can rent bicycles straight from harbour or offer from my home or accommodation place. The bicycle rental prices are available on Visit Kihnu or Pärnamõisa websites. My tour last 4 hours. During this trip we visit Kihnu museum, church, lighthouse and Metsamaa farm, entrance fees for adults is 10€.

150€ + VAT

Bycicle Tour


If the group is small, I do tour with my own car, maximum number is 10 person. Tour last 3 hours and during this, we visit museum, church, lighthouse and Metsamaa heritage farm. Entrance fees cost 10€.

200€ + VAT

Car Tour


If you want to spend all day with me and we are going to visit additional interesting places or people on the island, this option is the best for you. If you need my help all day as a film assistant, protagonist or interpreter the price for a day is 180€. You can find more informations on the Other Services.

200€ + VAT

A Day with Mare


I organize all kind of group tours with truck, in one truck can sit around 25 persons. Usual trip last 3 hours.

Every additional 3 hours cost is 150 €.

It is possible to book additional trucks if your group exceeds 25 persons for the cost of 150€.

300€ + VAT

Truck Tour

Capture d’écran 2021-01-19 à 18.14.27.

I can introduce you Kihnu island motorcycle history and you can feel amazing experience, how to ride sitting in the sidecar or in the back seat. The duration is 1 hour.

75€ + VAT

Motorcycle Culture

A Unique and Personalized


If, during the tour, it turns out, that you are very congenial and the tour itself is mentally enriching, interesting or educational to me, discounts are possible.

For those, who have contributed to the life and sustainability of the Kihnu community, there is also a discount. In some cases, the tour might even be free of charge.

It is also possible to negotiate the price if we are dealing with disabled or elderly people, or low-paid cultural or educational workers. Sometimes I might recognize my mission in that.

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